Monday, May 19, 2008

Free S-One "Art Collab" Poster in the new FTK mag

Check out the new FTK Magazine. You get a free S-One pull-out poster. Thanks to all of the artists that worked on this project...
Mike Aho
Todd Bratrud
Lori Damiano
Shepard Fairey
Jeremy Fish
Mel Kadel
Brett Millard
Travis Millard
Patrick Rocha jr.
Michael Sieben

Check out the new FTK Mag. You get a free S-One pullout poster

click here to for more info about FTK Mag.

or send us $2 and we'll send you poster.
S-One Helmets
13210 Estrella Ave #A
Gardena, CA 90248

The Artist Collab #002 Helmet.
Available in:
Team Cpsc
Damager Cpsc
Damager (soft foam / non-certified)