Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Skate Book / MIke V Issue (Pat Duffy wearing an S-One Wrist Guard)

The Skate Book is all about presentation & content. Something new. Different. Crisper. Alive. Makes you proud of skateboarding. The Skate Book reminds you that you should be proud to be a skater. Anyway, super stoked on this book. Lowcard, Colin Mckay, MIke V, Smolik & Jake, Jason Dill.. The Skate Book is f'ing awesome. And I was looking through the Pat Duffy section and oh! backsmith and oh! he is wearing the S-One Damage Control Wrist Guard! Stoked when I saw that. And I was thinking Pat Duffy is so rad. I was thinking about how he just conquered those rails in the rain. Just went for it. And then I saw the ray barbee quote below and smiled again. Get the book at SkateBook.TV . It is the best thing I have purchased in 2009 so far! Worth every dollar.