Monday, March 16, 2009

Destro Cpsc / Best Fitting Cpsc Rated Skateboard Helmet

The S-One Helmet Company released the Destro Cpsc helmet in September of 2008. The Destro Cpsc helmet was designed to pass the Cpsc Test (Bike / Skate Certified). It was also designed to fit low on your head and fit your head better than ANY other brand of helmets. It is the best fitting Cpsc helmet.

Take The Destro Cpsc Challenge at your local skateshop and get a free S-One Sticker.

Step 1: Go to your local skateshop. Tell them you want to take the Destro Cpsc challenge.
Step 2: Try on a helmet from any brand (it has to have a cpsc certified sticker on the inside). Look in the mirror.
Step 3: Try on the Destro Cpsc and look in the mirror.
Step 4: Which helmet looks better? Which helmet feels better?
Step 5: Ask the shop guy for a free S-One sticker because you took the Destro Cpsc Challenge!!!

The Destro Cpsc helmet is the best fitting Cpsc helmet out there.