Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview: Lester Kasai


QUESTION: First I want to ask you about the the Pro-Tec / Vans pool party? How was it?
LESTER'S ANSWER: The Pool Party 2009 was insane... everyone stepped it up this year with new lines and more tricks... the energy and cheering in the building was overwhelming.

QUESTION: What did you think was a highlight from the Pro Contest?
LESTER'S ANSWER: Wow... 14 year old Pedro Barros just blew my mind... that kid is so stylish and powerful... dang... he pulled fives everywhere in the combi too... that kid has a bright future in bowl skating... and huge props to Bucky Lasek for winning... he has a huge bag of tricks, the most creative trick combinations and crazy lines in the combi.

QUESTION: How about in the Masters?
LESTER'S ANSWER: Dang... what can I say? Dudes in there 40's still killing it at top speed... Chris Miller's frontside airs in the corner and over the hip into the round are huge going mach 10... and what an awesome guy too... one of my all time down to earth friends for over 30 years... congrats to Miller for winning 5 in a row.

QUESTION: And the girl's division?
LESTER'S ANSWER: Yesssss... Julie Kindstrand dominated the women's division... massive power, huge airs, huge 50/50's, and some of the most insane lines that I've ever seen in the combi... Julie is one of the most talented girls to ever step on a skateboard... if you have seen her skate in person... you're in for a treat... congrats to Julie for her win in the combi.

QUESTION:Did you watch that clip of Phelps talking about the 1985 Turkey Shoot?
LESTER'S ANSWER: Haha... yes I did... I'm a little embarrass about the clothes I was wearing but it was very nice to be mentioned by Phelps in his clip... right on Thrasher for keeping the history alive.

QUESTION: Do you have any memories of that day? (turkey shoot)
LESTER'S ANSWER: I just remember how much fun it was to skate the original combi with all my friends.

QUESTION: Any comments on the Elguerial in the round pool? (360 invert from fakie)
LESTER'S ANSWER: Well... I wish I could still do them... haven't tried them since the 80's. Oh... it was so cool to see Josh Borden doing tuck knee Elguerials in the Vans combi pool... he does them rad... yeah Josh.