Thursday, September 10, 2009

Replacement Helmet Liners - The DLX Helmet Liners


If you want to replace the helmet liner in your S-One Helmet, you should check out these DLX replacement liners.
They fit perfectly into OG, OG DLX, Damager and Trian Helmets.

More Info:
The DLX Liners soak up sweat. These liners tend to last longer than other liners because the terry & foam can't peel off. The DLX Terry is super soft like a sweatband material.

The DLX Liners fit into :
OG Helmets, Trian Helmets, OG DLX Helmets & Damager helmets

Here is the sizing:

If you have a 22" head - order the X-Large
21" head - order a Large
20" Head - order a Medium
19" Head - order a Small

Click here to order: