Monday, November 30, 2009

Cody C / Oregon

My name is Cody and I'm 7 and live in Oregon. I love skateboarding, i like street and tranny riding. Your helmets are the best, they dont fall off or come over my eyes and have good padding.I have been skating for 6 months. I like riding at the truckstop skatepark, redmond skatepark, downtown ledges. abbys pizza bank and gap and the view highschool.
My favourite tricks on ramps are a shuv it rock to fakie, backside disaster, fakie front side axle stall, front side olly and getting big air and doing grabs.I like doing 180s, half cabs and shuv its, and fakie big spins, I just learnt to no comply and do that all the time. The guy who runs the skatepark i like going to said if i can land a backside nollie 180 off a ledge he'd give me $20.
Here are a few photos of me, could you put one up on your website? that would be awesome!
You guys are awesome
Cody C

Thanks for the email Cody. This photo reminded that backyard miniramps are essential if you live in the woods. They are easy to build. And they are super fun. Hours of entertainment. If you have some property behind your house you really should build a miniramp. It will change your life. Your quality of life will increase tenfold. Instead of bugging your Mom to drive you places you will skating at home all day and all your friends will want to skate it. Make sure they bring their own food though because Mom might get grouchy about feeding the neighborhood post skate session. And make sure to cover the ramp to protect it from rain. I could go on forever... but Miniramps are the gateway to fun!!

FOR MORE INFO about building a mini ramp.. Check out ramp plans .org