Thursday, December 17, 2009

S-One Insoles "Industry Section " 411VM #29 1998

S-One Insoles
We started S-One Insoles back in 1996. S-One Insoles were super comfy and they absorbed shock and helped prevent heel bruising. The S-One team was pretty sick too. And then in 1999, S-One teamed up with Osiris Shoes so every Pro Model Osiris Shoe featured an S-One Insoles. (Yes, even the infamous D-3 had S-One Insoles). Somebody posted this on Youtube.... so thanks. (note: we started S-One Helmets in 1999)


Peter Smolik
Aaron Snyder
Brian Emmers
Brian Anderson
Brad Staba
Jerry Fowler
Lavar McBride
Mike York
Karl Watson