Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skatebook 6

SKATEBOOK 6 The Logan Kincade Edition
Description: HUGE, hardbound 300+ pages on 100lb paper that weighs over 6lbs, coffee table book featuring iconic images shot by Mike Ballard, Lance Dalgart, J Strickland and many more.

Chapter 1  Ryan Smith | Ten Years
Scott Pommier fills a 30-page chapter with his favorite photos of Ryan Smith spanning a ten-year time line.

Chapter 2  The Sun Rises in the East
A photo essay of East coast Skateboarding by cinematographer and brand creator J. Stickland. Features legends Mike Maldonado, Kevin Taylor, Burton Smith as well as newcomers Kyle Nicholson and Jason Klotz.

Chapter 3  Alex Perelson | The Future
Having won the latest in the Maloof Money Cup Series in Vert competition Alex Perelson shows why he is the future of vert skating.

Chapter 4  The Ranch Present | Raise Hell3
Skate contest don’t have to be sponsored by Carls JR to be noted, a group of young adults put on one of the coolest street and bowl competitions in California

Chapter 5 Patrick Ryan | Young Gun
It's not very often that a skater comes along that show star power at a very tender age. Catch a 30-page glimpse of what can best be described at the next Hosoi, photos and interview of an 11-year-old phenom.

Chapter 6  5Boro | Warriors
New York is not known for a plethora of skate companies, but the few they do have prove more heart than all the West coast Companies combined. 32 pages of East coast Shredding.

Chapter 7  Remy Stratton | One Man Army
36 page cronical of a skateboarding Soldier spanning 20+years. Remy has been a fixture in the Orange Curtain guiding Volcom and forging a legendary place in skateboarding.

Chapter 8 Chris Pfanner | Anti Hero
Pfanner literally blew up this last year with power and style that is explosive. His back-story is amazing.

Chapter 9 Logan Kincade | Photos, Frames Grabs & Polaroid’s
Griffin Collins posses a portal to places that no other person can take us, from unseen images of Heath Ledger (cover) to shorties in the hood the wild ride in which Griffins photos take us is epic.