Friday, May 28, 2010

The best skate helmet? The Destro Helmet

As of 2011 the S-One Lifer Helmet has replaced the S-One Destro Helmet. more info here.

The Destro Helmet is one of the most protective helmets in the S-One collection. It is one of the best fitting skate helmets available. The Destro fits low on your head and it is Cpsc certified.

Max DuFour has been wearing the Destro for the last year. He likes to wear helmets that have the hard foam and are CPSC certified because he has gotten knocked out in "soft foam" helmets. And since he started wearing "Hard Foam" helmets he has taken a few good slams and hasn't been knocked out.

"If you are skating vert or big stuff, I highly recommend wearing a hard foam helmet like the Team Helmet or the Destro Helmet."
  - Max DuFour
 Professional Skateboarder , Owner of Premium Wood Factory, (skating 25+ years) 

Steve Steadham has been wearing "soft foam" helmets since the 70's and just starting wearing a hard foam helmet last week. He stopped by to pick up a new helmet and tried
the Destro Helmet on and was surprised a "hard foam" helmet fit him right.

"I have always worn the soft foam helmet because they fit lower on my head... The Destro  is
the first "hard foam" helmet that fits low on my head... I had no idea that "hard foam" helmets were much more protective than "soft foam" helmets. 
- Steve Steadham
Skate Legend, Member of the original Bones Brigade, Owner of Steadham Skate Industries (skating 35+ years)