Friday, July 30, 2010

Coastal Carnage - Bowl open to the public

Kenny Anderson talks about the Coastal Carnage and how Converse built the mini bowls for the kids to skate during the US Open.

da mini bowl in huntington beach.
made possible by Converse.
Skreech and Ben Raybourn stopped by the s-one tent say hi.
(Look for skreech's fs boneless in the cradle online somewhere)
Colby is an 11 year old ripper and hb local and has been skating all day and every day at the mini bowl.
(kid helmet xl)
mellow transitions. super fun.

(wearing the destro helmet)

nice and sunny
homie didn't have a helmet so we set him up with a loaner.
(wearing the S-One Kid Helmet)

Dad and son ready to shred
(son wearing the kid helmet)
Sign up waiver and your ready to roll
(son wearing the kid helmet)

an original Jesse Martinez board

the kid helmet size: s
all the way from Oahu and stoked to get a helmet that fit him perfectly.
 (the Kid Helmet)
The Destro Helmet - matching shades. style for miles.
Chris Terins working the S-One tent and making sure that you get the helmet that fits you best.
Woodward West holding it down. Woodward is giving away a free week at camp every day all week.

all age skate fest
a proud dad ready for his 3 year old to start shredding. (this ankle biter fit into an S-One Kid Helmet size XS)
Age 4 and ready to skate.
(Kid Helmet Size: XS)
Curren Caples's little sister skated all day every day. (the kid helmet size: L)
Kid Helmet Size: Large & Destro Helmet Size: XL
The Kid Helmet Size: XL
These guys skated while Weezer was playing live about 100 feet away.
(destro helmet color: bright green size: medium)
Ready to skate his dad's jesse martinez. (s-one destro helmet size: m) 
big skater. big helmet. S-One Destro Helmet Size: XXXL
The Kid Helmet (size: medium)
there are 2 types of skaters that will wear helmets, the young kids because they don't care and older skaters who have had too many concussions.
destro helmet size: x-large
katie from woodward camp. the woodward crew basically ran the free bowl. thanks woodward!
katie is wearing a destro helmet size: m
rob was part of the speerco crew that built the ramps.
if you want a perfect mini bowl for your backyard. get in touch with speerco.
(rob is wearing the destro helmet size: xxl)  
this kid's shirt sums it up.
s-one destro helmet size: medium

visiting his grandpa in huntington beach. we loaned him a helmet , shoes and a board. he skated for 2 hours.
(the kid helmet size: medium)
this kid was doing long f/s 50/50's in the mini bowl.
destro helmet size: l
skreech watched the tent (boards, bags, helmets and cameras)  while I  wandered around and shot a few photos of the massive crowd that formed to watch weezer.
weezer played a full set at the us open. the stage was about 100 feet from the s-one tent. 
crowd control for weezer

small skater. small helmet (the s-one kid helmet size: XS)

this kid is wearing the kid helmet with xxl liners in it.
kid helmet size: xxl