Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BAD SLAMS: Skateboarding without a helmet

First Name: Michael  
Last Name: __________
Age: 17
Hometown: El Seguno

Michael was NOT wearing a helmet.
There are a lot of great hills in the sleepy beach town of El Segundo, CA but last week the hills worked against this kid. While skating home from school he took a turn too fast, got speed wobbles and couldn't run it out. Knocked out cold. A stranger found him on the side of the street. Michael doesn't remember the accident.
Severe concussion. 20 stitches. Black eye. Shredded ear. Bloody knuckles. Rocks embedded in his head and arms. (his hands were dragging underneath his body as he slid in an unconscious state). 
LESSON: Michael was lucky... he could have easily had permanent injuries. Wear a helmet when you are skating to and from school. Alot of bad slams happen when you are just cruising somewhere because you are not fully focused.

Recommended helmet for Michael:   
• CPSC Certified for skate & bike
• Fits low on the dome so you look cool.
• Lightweight and well vented

S-One Destro Skate Helmet
Color: Black / Steve Steadham Pro Model