Friday, November 19, 2010

Amelia Brodka : The Kid Helmet

Amelia Brodka stopped by today to pick up some helmets.

Name: Amelia Brodka
Favorite Terrain: Pools, Bowls, Vert Ramps
Age: 21
Head Size: 21"
Helmet Sizing:
She has been wearing a Premium Helmet Size: Small.  She is thinking about switching to a "hard foam / CPSC Certified" helmet because the hard foam helmets protect your head more.
She tried the Destro Helmet on but it was a little big on her head (her head size is 21") and she ended up fitting perfectly into a Kid Helmet Size: X-Large. Helmet Lesson: If you are a girl (regardless of your age) and your head size is 21" you might want to try an S-One Kid Helmet.

Amelia Brodka & Jed Brunoehler
stopped by the S-One Warehouse to say hello.