Monday, November 29, 2010

Skateboarder / Peter Eubank / Interview

Peter Eubank // S-One Destro Helmet

Peter Eubank

How old are you?
20 frigid winters

Where did you grow up? Camarillo, CA

When did you start skating? Freshman year of high school

First Board: Landyachtz DH Race with crail trucks and Blue classic thane Kryptonic wheels, still have it, still love it.

And what are you riding in this photo:
Deck= Comet Voodoo Doll
Trucks= Dragon Talons
Wheels= Prototype Orangatang in heats

How do you like the Destro Helmet? The Destro helmet is not only comfortable but its lightweight. When you tuck your neck never gets tired. I skate harder when i know my helmet has hard foam* and is going to keep my head safe if an accident happens. Which in downhill skating accidents always happens, wear your helmet and live to skate everyday.

Favorite Skaters and influences:

That's a hard question, my favorite skaters would have to be the ones that can shred and are humble about it, good friend Adam Colton who can throw down on any type of skateboard, Patrick Switzer who races downhill with a slalom style allowing him to grip corners you formerly thought were ungrippable. Adam has definetly been an influence on my growth as a skater, he was the first guy to take us to the Malibu runs years ago and pushed us to learn new things all the time like learning to bomb hills switch, that is all from him pushing me and telling me i could do it.

About the Photo: Washington Rd. in the boonies of Northern california, this road is wild, a local hit a bear out here a few weeks before this photo was taken. 

The photographer was posted up in a corner called the never ending right, it was a dual apex sweeper that you drop into at the mid 40's. Tip + rip = clean lines. This whole road is fast though, you always feel on edge and speed is always a part of your run. Washington Rd. is not a road for beginners.

* note from s-one:  the S-One Destro Helmet has hard foam which makes it pass the high impact CPSC test. If you are skating downhill you should definitely wear a hard foam (cpsc certified) helmet.