Friday, February 18, 2011

Chad Jackson / Small Beating Skateboards

"I got this photo with the Hammers logo proudly displayed on the deck. No helmet, but I figure the logo is the principle right?  support s-one weather your wearing a helmet or not. Thanks for everything. "  - Chad Jackson // Small Beating

Small Beating Skateboards    Chad Jackson, Josh Nelson, Matt  Moffett, Josh Mattson, Chris Henderson

History of Small Beating: 
Chad Jackson had skateboard company in the late 80′s and early 90′s called Small Beating. Actually, before that he ran a company called Swindle Skateboards. Chad was an am for Blockhead, Santa Cruz and Zorlac before becoming an early employee/friend of Foundation. Does that logo look familiar? He later had some bad blood with Swank (See Big BrotherSeptember 1998) and he went out on his own again. We all know how good the 90′s were to vert skaters, so you can guess how that turned out. Time heals all wounds, or at least leaves an ugly scar. Chad has resurrected Small Beating Skateboards with some new product and a web site filled with Small Beating nostalgia, and nostalgia for an age yet to come. The blazing Michael Goetz photo at the top right is Chad atomizing the hand poured coping on the crazy Small Beating indoor ramp. You can see more of those shots over at The Skateboard Archives 
-  Skate and Annoy