Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vert Ripper Amelia Brodka was glad she had her helmet on.

"Thanks sooooo much for talking me into wearing a CPSC Certified helmet. I would have been
significantly worse if I was wearing a soft foam helmet... Your a lifer saver!!!!  - Amelia Brodka
Age: 21
Where are you from? Poland
When did you start skating? 12 years old
First set up? Andrew Reynolds Birdhouse, with generic everything else
Where are you living now? Los Angeles
Where have you been skating? Culver City, The Block, Encinitas YMCA
Current set up? Sobriety deck, Theeve trucks, Motto griptape.

I saw the cracked helmet...How is your head?
It was bizarre, I've never cracked a helmet before! I'm so glad I wore
a CPSC certified S-One Kid Helmet, because my head would've cracked if I had
a soft foam! I was ok enough to drive back to LA from SD, and today
I'm getting through my classes ok, just a little more tired than
usual. Thanks for saving my brain, S-One!

How did you slam?
I was skating vert, trying to learn kickflip indies, I landed a set-up
air with my feet all weird, ready for a kickflip but that threw me way
off balance and i slipped out and smacked the back of my head on the
flat bottom. I was surprised that i was ok enough to just get up, but
then I saw that my helmet took all the damage for me!

Any words of advice for younger female skaters?
Wear helmets when skating vert, please! A functioning brain is more
important than looking cool.

A photo of Amelia and Jed picking up helmets
a few months before her big slam.