Monday, March 21, 2011

Clash At Clairemont 2011

Lester Kasai sliding around the deep end. 
We went down to the Clash at Clairemont V last weekend. It is a great event that helps raise money for GRIND FOR LIFE to help people that have cancer. We set up the S-One tent and enjoyed the day and watched the skate sessions. Tons of pros show up in support of the event: Andy McDonald, Tony Hawk, Lester Kasai, Alex Perelson, Austin Poynter, Allysha Bergado, Christian Hosoi, Dave Hackett, Jake Piasecki, Jim Gray, Adrian Demain, Dave Ruel are just a few that come to mind. And Navs, Rob Lorifice, Jay Adams and Jake Brown were in attendance as well. Super sick event. And it was sunny most of the day. We will post a few video clips later today. Check  out some photos on the Concrete Disciples website.

Here is some footage of Lester from the 2009 Clash at Clairmont (