Thursday, April 21, 2011

Billy Valdes Interview

Billy Valdes //  Interview April 2011

Favorite memory from Lockwood? 
- Too many to just pick one....

Favorite memory from the late 90's?
Late 90's?...Let me see. I guess it would be...skating & partying like it was 1999!...Oh wait! It was 1999!

What have you been up to? 
Well I've been skating doing graphs and designing clothes for XLARGE® while also doing some freelance graphs and WHATEVS™ a t-shirt line.I start a few years a go.

What are your thoughts on skating in 2011?
its cool lot's of parks to skate now,kids rip but have NO style...well some do. They've done their homework...SK8 HISTORY 101

What is paulo (diaz) up to?
- I don't know...I haven't seen him in a while...we talked on the phone a few times...he sounds good.

And what about the other guys from Menace? 
-Eric...Everyone's got there own thing going now.we don't keep in touch much but...Eric aka Red Beard is doing his Reggae/dancehall nights in R.I , Fabian aka Frank Hurts is acting now while also helping Joey Suriel with his denim line. Steven's chillin in Cali...Javes has finally grown into his hands and is now ripping and acting full time.Lee is living in Españia aka Spain working for that everyone?

I'm making you work for this helmet now huh :-) 
-Yeah you are and it's not even for me....I think I might need one too :) No probs bro!...Thank You!

Billy Valdez. Glendale Skatepark. April 2011
S-One Lifer Helmet
We used to hook Billy up with S-One Insoles back in the late 90's. 
Here he is still ripping 12 years later. Back in the day 
S-One Insoles would protect his heels and now S-One 
Helmets are protecting the brains. Thanks for representing Billy!
The Menace Crew at Lockwood. Late 90's. Billy Valdes (far right)
Photo: Blabac