Friday, April 8, 2011

Tracey Bentley

Hi guys..
UPS just delivered the Lifer you sent me..  What a "sweet' helmet....!  
Fits like a glove..  I must say, your products fit better than anything I have worn..  Awesome..!
Thanks very much...  I totally appreciate it~
I will help pass out some of those stickers for you as well (where ever I skate)...  
Happy to give you some visibility ..$  
See you guys soon..
P.S.  Ran into David Hackett earlier this week at Venice (he recently did the "loop of death" pad-less).. We talked for awhile, as he just turned 50 not long ago..!  I am right behind him at 49..!  
Gnarly hugh...!

Here is an old photo from back in the day...