Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adam Colton and Paris Truck Company...

Adam Colton is an interesting guy and an interesting skateboarder.
Learn more about him on the Paris Truck Co. Website. Adam has been
wearing S-One Helmets for the last year or so and we are proud to
be working with him.  Longboarding is going through
an interesting time. The companies and riders are
finding a nice groove and identity. It reminds me of when
street skating first started catching on in the mid 90's.
Kids all across America were watching videos like Eastern Exposure and were
like,"Holy Sh#t street skating looks fun." and they started
trying to grind a curb in front of their house for hours on end.
Fast forward 15 years to 2011 and kids are watching Loaded videos on youtube
and they are like, "Holy Sh#t that looks fun" and kids are trying to bomb
their local suburban hills and winding roads.
The companies and skaters are different but it is still skating.
And the kids are amped on it.
And Longboarding is still under the corporate radar.