Friday, May 27, 2011

S-One Helmet Co. / Concrete Wave Magazine

Over the last few issues Concrete Wave has become a Longboard Magazine. We like this. I wasn't a huge fan of the mag when it had a grab bag of street, vert, bowls and slalom. For whatever reason I felt like the mag was too diluted. Now that Concrete Wave has decided to focus on Longboarding we have decided to help support the mag. I think Concrete Wave is a great way for us to help spread the message about S-One Helmets to the Longboard Community. 

For our first ad in Concrete Wave we are running a photo of Spanish skateboarder Aleix Gallimo (Loaded Skateboards) shot by the talented photographer, Adrian Garcia Rodriguez. The ad features a photo of Alex bombing a hill just outside Madrid, Spain and below the photo we have included photos and information about the fit and construction of the

Oh and keep an eye out for Adam Colton wearing the S-One Lifer Helmets also. The Lifer Helmet fits amazing AND it is CPSC Certified so it offers 5x more protection than the old school soft foam helmets.