Monday, July 18, 2011

Slam Story : Austin Poynter

Austin Poynter (15) is an up n coming vert skater. He blasts overhead airs on vert and in the combi. He is learning new tricks all the time. Austin is def pushing his skating to new limits on a daily basis. Austin had grown up  wearing a soft foam helmet (non-certified) and we strongly recommended to him and his Dad that he should be wearing a hard foam helmet (cpsc certified). We sent him the S-One Lifer Helmet to check out because it fits low like a soft foam helmet but it is 5x more protective. He has been wearing the Lifer Helmet ever since.  Over the weekend we received this email from Gerry Poynter. 

"Austin took a very bad slam yesterday on the Vert ramp, hit so hard he bounced! It was one of those loud slams that turns heads. Had a late night at the ER, but he will be fine...:) Thank goodness he had on the S-One Lifer Helmet (hard foam) or he probably would have been knocked out and more seriously injured! Needless to say, its beach time for a week or so! Not a bad way to  And so grateful for the Lifer Helmet, it came through. The helmet has a round hit mark on the top back... we will shelf it. Thanks again! "  - Gerry Poynter (Austin's Dad)

check out some video of Austin throwin a 540 at the vans am combi contest...