Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chris Miller gets 1st at the 2011 Dew Tour Legends Jam

Chris Miller (left) wearing the S-One Cromag Helmet
2011 Dew Tour Portland Invitational: Alli Rideshop Legends Jam 
1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Lance Mountain
4. Tony Magnusson
5. Duane Peters

Wally Inouye, Pat Nghoho, Duane Peters, Steve Alba also showed up to skate.
Everybody was ripping.
Click here to watch the video from ALLI Rideshop

photo from the 2011 Pro-Tec Pool Part. (photo: dan bourqui)
Chris Miller is easily one of the greatest skateboarders of all time.
Other pros have used the following words to describe Chris Miller's  skating:
super consistent, amazing, stylish, smooth, unreal, effortless and probably my favorite... supernatural.