Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photo of the Day: Coastal Carnage 2011

Coastal Carnage View From The Bleachers:
 On the left is the main contest bowl. And on the right you can see the mini bowl
that is free to the public to skate. And beyond the skate bowls is all the US OPEN of Surfing stuff.
An epic day indeed.
August 6th 2011
Photo taken:  Sony Nex-5
Shaefer making sure the logos are proper and Hosoi just lofting a casual frontside ollie.
Both are legends in their own right.

Qualifiers for Coastal Carnage 2011  (Sunday August 7th 2011):
Ben Hatchell, Robbie Russo, Curren Caples, Kevin Kowalski
Tom Remillard, Pedros Barros, Div Adams
Kyle Berard, Ben Raybourn, Josh Mattson
Kalani David, Andrew Langi, David Loy
MIke Peterson, Aaron Homoki, Tyler Mumma
Patrick Ryan, Raney Beres, Omar Hassan
Rune Glifberg, Riley Stevens, Steve Reeves
Ryan Spencer, Chad barties, Milton Martinez
Josh Borden, Zach Miller, Shawn Hale
Collin Provost, Tosh Townend, Tony Trujillo
Ben Schroeder, Nolan Johnson, Josh Skreech Sandoval
Ryan Reyes, Julien Benoliel, Neil Mims
Eric Koston, Al Partanen, Sammy Baca
JImmy Marcus, Angel Ramirez, Omar Salazar
Vince Del Valle

FINAL RESULTS: (posted August 8th)

Final Results
1. Tom Remillard
2. Pedro Barros
3. Curren Caples
4. Tony Hawk
5. Ben Hatchell
6. Ben Raybourn
7. Robbie Russo
8. Kevin Kowalski
9. Kalani David
10. Andrew Langi
11. Josh Mattson
12. Div Adams
13. Christian Hosoi
14. Kyle Berard
15. Lance Mountain
Best Trick
Tony Hawk – 540 on the shark hip