Friday, August 19, 2011

S-One Helmet Collection: Summer / Fall 2011

S-One Helmet Company
Summer / Fall 2011

Hard Foam (CPSC Certified)

Information About Hard Foam Helmets
Hard Foam (CPSC Certified Helmets) are going to protect your head waaaay more than the Soft Foam helmets... 5x more according to our tests in the lab.
The S-One Hard Foam Helmets meet or exceed the US Safety Standards for Skateboarding, Roller Skating and Bicycle Helmets. And S-One Hard Foam Helmets fit nice and low on the dome.  We recommend ALL skaters regardless of age or skill wear a CPSC Certified Helmet.

S-One Kid Helmet
Size Range: 18.5" - 20.5"

S-One Lifer Helmet
Size Range: 21" - 23.5"

S-One Big Head Helmet
Size Range: 23" - 24.25"

Soft Foam  (Non-Certified)
Information About Soft Foam Helmets
If you are an older skater you probably grew up wearing these Soft Foam Helmets. Contrary to what you might think, the Soft Foam helmets are not going to protect you as well as the Hard Foam helmets. If you take a big slam the Soft Foam helmet will likely not be adequate to protect your brain. Soft Foam helmets do not even come close to passing the CPSC high impact test. But, if you are like many skaters that don't even want to wear a helmet or refuse to wear a hard foam helmet... then these S-One soft foam helmets will be for you. (unless you live in California because the State Law prohibits the sale and use of a Soft Foam Non-CPSC Helmet). It is interesting that most experts agree that wearing a soft foam helmet is better than not wearing any helmet at all.

S-One OG Helmet
Size Range: 20" - 23"

S-One Premium Helmet 
Size Range: 20"' - 24"

S-One Cromag Helmet
Size Range: 24" - 25.5"

If you want to know more about the CPSC Helmet Test and how the Hard Foam Helmets
and the Soft Helmets do in the testing... click here