Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Helmet for Skateboarding or Roller Derby

We have been manufacturing skate helmets for over 10 years (since 1999) and this is my favorite helmet we have ever made. We have worked with many professional skateboarders and roller derby teams to come up with a better fitting and safer helmet... The S-One Lifer Helmet. (msrp: US$50)

Style:  S-One Lifer Helmet
Ages: 8 and up
Size Range: 21" - 23.5"
Usage: For use on Skateboards, Roller Skates, Bicycle
Certifications: CPSC Certified. Meets the US Safety Standards for Skate and Bike Helmets
Colors:  Black Matte, Black, White, Navy Matte, Daggers Limited Edition, Real Skateboards Limited Edition,
Cyan Matte, Purple Matte, Citrus Mate, Hot Pink Matte, Gold,  Dark Green Matte


The S-One Lifer Helmet fits nice and low on your head and it is 5x more protective than the "soft foam - multiple impact - non-certified" helmets.

The S-One Lifer Helmet is the best helmet for skateboarding, roller derby and riding your bike. The helmet is a multi-purpose,  multiple impact* and CPSC Certified helmet which means it protects your head according to the US Safety Standards for Skate and Bike Helmets.  (and all materials are also Phthalate Free)

* Multiple Impact means it can take a series of small impacts or 4 big impacts in different spots on the helmet. But if you slam hard and you think the helmet has been compromised or any part of the shell is cracked you can take advantage of the S-One Crash Replacement Policy and send your helmet to S-One and we will replace your helmet. (email for more info) (shipping and handling costs apply)

EPS Foam:
The EPS Liner absorbs the impact. It is lightweight and is designed to fit nice and low your head. If a helmet does not have EPS foam it won't pass the CPSC Certified Test!  Always buy a helmet that has EPS Foam (and that has a CPSC Certified sticker on the inside).

Sizing liners don't protect your head, they just make sure the helmet fits nice and comfy on your head. The fabric is anti-microbrial and soaks up sweat. The sizing liners are replaceable so if your head grows you can use a different thickness sizing liner. If you wear your helmet alot you can always order some new fresh liners. 

For all the 2011 Lifer Helmets the sizing liners are color coded so you know what size the helmet is by looking at the liner. Small (red), Medium (beige), Large (black), X-Large (green), 2X-Large (blue), 3X-Large (purple).

Sizing Information:
Small (21" Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 6 5/8
Medium (21.5" Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 6 7/8
Large (22" Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 7
X-Large (22.5" Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 7 1/4
2X-Large (23" Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 7 3/8
3X-Large (23.5 Head Circumference) -or-  Hat Size 7 1/2

If your head is bigger than 23.5" than check out the S-One Big Head Helmet. 

also one of the safest helmet for longboarders: