Friday, September 23, 2011

S-One Lifer Helmet: Purple Matte (new color)

S-One Lifer Helmet
Color: Purple Matte

Usage: Wear it when your riding your skateboard, roller skates or bike.

• Multiple Impact* / CPSC Certified for Skate & Bike Usage
• Deep Fit Design 
• Removable Sweat Liners
• 5x More Protective Than Multiple Impact / Non-Certified Helmets

MSRP: US$ 50

* Multiple Impact means it can take a series of small impacts or 4 big impacts in different spots on the helmet. But if you slam hard and you think the helmet has been compromised or any part of the shell is cracked you can take advantage of the S-One Crash Replacement Policy and send your helmet to S-One and we will replace your helmet. (email for more info) (shipping and handling costs apply)

Click here  to find a skateshop near you that carries the S-One Lifer Helmet
Click here  to buy it direct from the S-One online store.