Sunday, October 30, 2011

S-One Big Head Helmet - A Day In The Testing Lab (CPSC Test)

 The S-One Big Head Helmet is attached to a headform and the helmet & headform are
subjected to a 2.06 meter drop creating a velocity of 6.20 m/s.
In order for a helmet to pass the CPSC impact test, the helmet must  protect the headform
 and reduce the impact energy to under 300G's

Note: A 2.06 meter drop at a velocity of 6.20 m/s simulates a 14 mph crash or a 6 ft slam to the ground.
(This is an independent / government approved testing lab.)
The same helmet is hit multiple times ( 4x in different places) . And each time the helmet must reduce the impact to
under 300 G's.  This is hit #1.

This is hit #2.
Hit #3.
Hit #4

   In order to pass the CPSC test the helmets must reduce the impact to under 300 G's.  As you can see here the S-One Big Head Helmet reduces the impact to 228 G's.  The S-One Big Head Helmet passes with flying colors.