Friday, October 14, 2011

The Skateboard (An Illustrated History) By: Ben Marcus Photos: Lucia Daniella Griggi

I was roaming through Barnes & Noble and found this new book. It caught my eye because Lester Kasai is on the cover wearing S-One Wrist Guards and an S-One Premium Helmet. So amped! But yeah the book is really amazing. Highly recommended.

"From the first 2x4 boards with purloined, aniled-on roller skate wheels to the latest and greatest shortboard with oh-so-cool graphics, the story of the skateboard is told in glorious photography and text, Chock full of more than 750 images and packed with interviews with skaters from Jeff Ho to Tony Hawk, Patti McGee, Stacy Peralta, and many more this book welcomes you to the skateboard hall of fame - and infamy.
Author Ben Marcus is all those things mothers fear: A surfer and skateboarder from childhoo, he later became a Surfer Magazine editor and is the author of the classic history of the surfboard, as well as numerous other cool books. Photographer Lucia Daniella Griggi has traveled the world shooting skateboards and skaters." - From the Back Cover