Monday, November 21, 2011

S-One Premium Helmet - New Colors Just Arrived

S-One Premium Helmet
Size Range: 20" - 24"

The Premium Helmet's EVA liners are wrapped with a soft
and absorbent terry fabric that soaks up sweat and keeps your head
nice & comfy.

Certifications: Non-Certified*
Sizes: XS (20"), S (21"), M (22"), L (23"), XL (24")
Colors: Black Matte, Black, White, Cyan Matte, Green Matte, Pink Matte

MSRP: $44.00

* Non-Certified helmets do not pass the CPSC impact test. We highly recommend that all
skaters were a CPSC Certified helmet.  Non-Certified helmets do not protect your head
as well as a CPSC Certified helmet.