Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Star basketball player dies in a downhill skateboarding accident

HPU Basketball Player Dies After Skateboard Fall (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Kameron Steinhoff, 21, was skateboarding with his high school buddies in a residential area of Temple Valley in Kaneohe early Tuesday morning when he fell, according to Steinhoff's brother, Keoni Steinhoff.

"I guess he was going downhill and he lost control He tried to stop. He slipped, fell, whacked the back of his head. His friends found him pinned under a parked car," Keoni Steinhoff said.

Kameron Steihoff was a star basketball player for Punahou School. He was named the tournament's outstanding player when he led Punahou to the state championship in 2008.

He was also an up and coming player for HPU.

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Our deepest condolensces go out to the Steinhoff family.