Thursday, January 26, 2012

Archer Braun | S-One Lifer Helmet

Lester Kasai told us about Archer a few years ago. Said he was RIPPING. So we sent him some helmets.

Have you ever been injured while skatin? 
Archer Braun: The worse thing I can think of was a little over a year ago right before Halloween. I was skating skatelab and I was incredibly tired. I went to do a backside air in the bowl really high, I like saying I noticed everything except that I was in the air with a skateboard. I clipped and fell straight to my head at flat. I was knocked out, and had an impact seizure. I couldn't skate for two weeks, I'm pretty sure I can say that my helmet saved my life as a thinking human. Glad not to be a vegetable.

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Archer Braun wears the S-One Lifer Helmet  Color: Black Gloss