Monday, January 9, 2012

Helmet Testimony From Banzai Skatepark / North Shore of Oahu

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii 01/07/12

Joe Eale - Local North Shore Big Wave Charger and also a Local Talent at the Banzai Skatepark. Joe just returned from the E R where he received stitches from the reef out at Pipeline earlier this morning. Here is a guy who stands at 6'4" and weighing in at around 250lbs, and a very recognizable figure on the North Shore. There is very little that can hold this guy back from charging, on land or sea. So, it's quite understandable that Joe, with his new stitches, straight from the E.R. is here at the skatepark charging big airs over the hips. 
             OK, here comes this guy blasting over the hip, and what this???? A micro grom weighing maybe 50lbs wet, coming blindly around the corner? He's right in the direct path with this fast moving, high flying Arnold Shwarzeneger from hell !!! I'm not sure how Joe did it, I can't even remember really picture it in my mind, it happened so fast! But Joe managed to turn his shoulders before landing and somehow avoid CRUSHING this 3.8ft mini preschooler. 
             But Joe had turned himself around trying to save the mini grom and was now falling backwards at close to 20mph, which wouldn't be so bad, if it was a pillow he was going to land on. This is a big guy, any wreck is going to be monumental with that much power behind it. Joe is a fast moving power skater. When he comes at you, it'll look the same as it does when Ben Schroeder is closing in on you. He took the HEAVIEST slam on the back of his head I have ever witnessed, I mean, that helmet was buffering some serious G Force when his head slammed on the concrete deck.
                          I have no doubt the S-ONE HELMET he was wearing saved his life. He actually posed for a picture for me. I wanted to take the picture because I was amazed by how this helmet saved his life! Let's see, 260lbs moving at just under 20mph? You do the math. When I asked him why he was wearing the helmet, he told me his good friend Gary Owens recently suffered a serious head injury because he was not using a helmet, so Joe decided to get one. This is a testament of a life that was saved today because of S-ONE HELMETS!

North Shore Boys - NSB
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii