Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wear a helmet....

After watching this video and hearing that kids head pop I wrote these words below.

Why do skaters hate wearing helmets?
by: CT

Skating is cool. Always has been. Skaters are super rebellious and talented and courageous. And it is these traits that have launched an entire footwear and apparel industry that markets the skateboarding look to the masses. These companies sell clothes and shoes to skaters and non-skaters who want to look cool, rebellious and talented.

 If you look through a major skate magazine you will noticed that 90% of the ads are for shoes or clothing.  And you will notice that 0% of the skaters in the mags are wearing helmets.  The shoes and clothing companies have the money and control the magazines because they give the most money to the mags.

The clothing and shoe companies strongly urge pro skaters not to wear a helmets because if they are not wearing a helmet they look cooler and more courageous (think no condoms in porn) and if these pros look cool and courageous then the companies sell more clothes and shoes.

And here is the interesting part... if the pros don't wear helmets then the kids don't want to wear helmets. The pros have a strong influence over the kids. If pros start wearing tight jeans then the kids want tight jeans. If the pros start wearing pink bunny suits then kids would be skating in pink bunny suits.

Ultimately, the shoes and clothing companies want to keep selling the image of skating and they want to keep selling shoes and clothes so they will continue to forbid their pros from wearing helmets. They want to preserve the "image" of skateboarding. And they will continue to strongly urge the skate magazines NOT to run photos of any pros wearing helmets. And because of this kids will always feel like they are not cool or not pro if they are wearing a helmet.

The interesting twist is that the skate mags have lossed the power to the internet. And now the skateboarders can decide what is best for the future of skaters and skateboarding... and that might be wearing a helmet.