Thursday, February 16, 2012

The S-One Lifer Helmet is officially Multiple Impact!

The S-One Lifer Helmet is a dual certified multi-sport helmet which means it is is certified to protect you against the smaller and repetitive slams (ASTM F-1492 test) and the big high impact slams (CSPC test).

You heard it... The Lifer is a CPSC Certified and "multiple impact". Stoked!

In summary, the S-One Lifer Helmet is constructed to protect your head against multiple impacts (smaller impacts that typical occur in skateboarding and roller derby) and it is certified to protect your head against the big slams (big slams that sometimes occur in skateboarding, cycling and roller derby - and these are the most dangerous).

* Multiple Impact means it can take a series of smaller impacts. But if you slam super hard and you think the helmet has been compromised or any part of the shell is cracked you can take advantage of the S-One Crash Replacement Policy and send your helmet to S-One and we will replace your helmet. (email for more info) (shipping and handling costs apply)

The S-One Lifer Helmet is hands down the best fitting, highest quality and safest helmet for skateboarding and roller derby.
It fits nice and low on your head also (low profile). And it comes in plenty of nice colors. And it is fully certified (CPSC, ASTM F 1492, CE EN 1078)

Get jiggy with the Lifer!