Thursday, February 2, 2012

S-One Video: Austin's Footage From the Combi Am 2012

S-One Video: Austin Poynter Wins Vans Combi Am 2012 from s-one helmets on Vimeo.

We hate to say it because we run S-One... but... the Lifer is the best helmet. The Lifer Helmet fits great, it is super lightweight and it is multiple impact.  It meets and exceeds the impact standards for the CPSC test, CE EN 1078 test and the ASTM 1492 test. 

This helmet is one bad mofo.

It is called the Lifer because we made this helmet for ourselves. We are lifers. We have been skating all of our lives and want to continue to skate for a long time.  So we made a helmet that would fit great, looks cool and would protect our brains the best.

This is the helmet that we wear. This is the helmet we recommend to our 
friends and their kids. This is the helmet we recommend to the Ams and Pros on the S-One Team.

We are proud to see Austin wearing it and getting others stoked to wear it also.

Thanks Austin!!!