Thursday, March 29, 2012

Helmet Replacement Policy

Did you know that if you have an S-One Helmet and you slam and want to replace the helmet we offer a Helmet  Replacement Policy?

This is Lance Araiza from Long Beach. He bought an S-One Kid Helmet last year. Last week Lance slid out at the bottom of a bowl and hit the back of his super hard. His helmet cracked. His head was fine. Lance's Dad knew that you should replace a helmet after it has been in accident (he is a smart Dad ... he read the S-One Helmet Manual) and Lance's Dad contacted us to get a replacement.  Now Lance has a fresh new helmet to protect his dome!

In Case Of A Accident: This helmet can absorb the shock of impact by partial deconstruction of the shell and liner. After the helmet receives an impact it can be damaged to the point that it is no longer adequate to protect the head against further impacts, and this damage may not be visible to the user. Even though damage may not be visible to the eye, if the helmet has been involved in an accident you must destroy or replace the helmet.

Crash / Helmet Replacement Policy:
If your helmet is involved in an accident you may obtain a replacement from S-One. (as a courtesy to our customers it is a discounted price)

Send the following items to S-One (address below):
1) Your damaged helmet.
2) A copy of your dated cash register receipt (from the skateshop you purchased it at)
3) A letter describing the accident
4) A check for $20 if you live in the US / $40 for International
5) A note with your complete Name / Mailing Address and Email.

Note: If you want to hand deliver the helmet to the S-One Headquarters that is ok you just need to schedule an appointment. (that is what Lance and his Dad did)

S-One Helmet Co. // Office / Warehouse
13210 Estrella Ave #A  Gardena, CA 90248
* office and warehouse visits by appointment only

"At S-One Helmets we pride our ourselves on offering excellent customer service. We keep it real and non-corporate.  We 

like to keep skaters safe and stoked."