Wednesday, March 21, 2012

S-One Duane Peters Helmet : 5 /1 /12

S-One is super honored to work with legendary skateboarders such as
Lester Kasai, Kevin Staab, Adrian Demain and Eric Dressen. And to 
add Duane Peters to this list is a proud moment for the ol' S-One Helmet Co.

Duane's helmet ships 5/1/12.

We are pre-booking now.

Here are some Pro Model and Collabaration Helmets we have done in the past. 

Kevin's Mad Scientist graphic. 

Jim Thiebaud and the DLX crew made this happen. We were stoked to help 
support the Roll Forever Foundation.

Reatagui, Duncan, Alva, Hosoi, Sergie... and the rest of the Daggers!

The art and graphic on this helmet is super sick.

Lester's Splash Graphic

supporting women's skateboarding

speaking of which... just saw this photo on MRZ's website of Adrian Demain. Super sick.
After all these years he still has the skills. Skate For Life!