Monday, March 5, 2012

Skate Helmet Info For Parents: Part 1

Skate Helmet Information: Part 1
What is the Difference Between A CPSC Certified Helmet and a Soft Foam Helmet?
As a helmet manufacturer we want to make sure that parents understand the difference between the CPSC Certified Helmets and the Non-Certified Helmets. We make both kinds of helmets but we want parents and skaters to know that a helmet that is CPSC Certified is up to 5 x more protective than a helmet that is Not Certified (ie: soft foam, does not have a CPSC sticker). 

CPSC Certified helmets are much, much more protective than the Non-CPSC helmets. 

S-One strongly recommends that all skaters regardless of age or skill wear a CPSC Certified helmet.
We recommend the S-One Lifer Helmet to all skaters for best overall protection and fit. We don't want to sound preachy but if you are going to wear a helmet you might as well wear one that will protect your head the best!  

If you have any questions about helmet fit, sizing or certifications call or email a skate helmet expert at S-One Helmet Co. (Tel: 310-464-8179  / Email: Info@S-One.Com)
Heimana Reynolds wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet.
Heimana is a super talented skateboarder from Oahu. He skates street and he skates bowls. The fact is most kids his age don't even wear helmets. Heimana understands how important it is to protect your head. Heimana's parent are stoked he likes to wear a helmet. Heimana wants to skate forever so he wears the proper protection.
click here to watch Heimana Reynolds skating in the 2012 Vans Combi Am Contest