Thursday, April 5, 2012

Darren Navarrette - How To Contest

How to do the Dual Citzenship Trick / Contest!
film one - make it good - email it to vox footwear
and you might win something nice.
check the how-to-video / contest video

Navs is wearing the S-One Premium Helmet.
He actually recommends the S-One Lifer Helmet
to the younger vert rippers because its more protective than
the Premium Helmet.

The S-One Premium Helmet is a non-certified minimal impact helmet.
It is better than not wearing a helmet but it is not ASTM or CPSC Certified.
Alot of the older vert pros wear the these types of helmets because that is what
they grew up wearing and are used to. Over the last few years as vert skating and bowlriding keeps
progressing the younger up and upcoming skaters are choosing the CPSC Certified helmets
because they protect your head much more than the non-certified helmets.
As a helmet company we are stoked to see kids in ANY helmet rather than NO helmet but
we recommend the safer and more protective CPSC Certified helmets.

The S-One Lifer Helmet is easily one of the best fitting and most protective skate helmets
on the market. If skating is a big part of your life and you want a helmet that will protect your head - the S-One Lifer Helmet is fully ASTM and CPSC certified to protect your head.

What makes the Lifer Helmet so special is that it is CPSC Certified and Certified For Multiple Impacts (ASTM 1492).

Note: Most helmets that claim to be "multiple impact" do not have the ASTM F1492 "multiple impact" certification.  If you are looking for a "multi-impact" helmet or a "multiple impact" helmet the helmet
should have an ASTM certification. There will be a sticker on the inside that reads ASTM F 1492 Certified,

A true multiple impact will have an ASTM certification. Which means it was tested to protect your head according to the ASTM standards.