Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Helmet For Downhill Skating: S-One Lifer Helmet

 The S-One Lifer Helmet is worn by many of the top longboard dudes. 
It is easily one the best helmets for downhill /  longboard skating.  Why? Because it fits great and it is dual certified to meet the CPSC and ASTM certified.
All of these ads and photos were in Concrete Wave Magazine - Spring 2012 Issue.

The S-One Lifer Helmet is gaining some serious momentum.
S-One Helmet Co. is manufacturing helmets for Abec 11.

The folks at Abec 11 wanted to make some helmets and they chose S-One because S-One has an excellent track record in regard to manufacturing quality helmets and meeting the proper helmet safety certifications.

Abec 11 designed some epic domes indeed!
S-One Lifer Helmet //  Abec 11 Stripe
S-One Lifer Helmet // Abec 11 Highway
S-One Lifer Helmet // Abec 11 Racer

Original Skateboards Ad
Rider: Axel Serrat
Axel is wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet // Citrus Matte

Madrid Skateboards Ad
Rider: Peter Eubank
Slippery Pete wears the S-One Lifer Helmet

Jet / Hellfire Skateboards Ad
Rider: Sergio Yuppie
Sergio is wearing the S-One Lifer Helmet (Black Gloss)