Monday, May 7, 2012

8th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party / Masters Division

The 8th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party is coming up this weekend. If you have never seen it live, I highly recommend
that you check it out. The Pro contest gets better and more insane every year. And the Master's Division is INSANE also. The MASTERS have been skating since the late 70's and all of the them still rip. Super talent. Super Style.  The contest is unreal so go check it out. or you can watch the live broadcast. (starts 3pm sat may 12th)

Chris Miller / S-One Cromag Helmet 
Duane Peters // S-One Lifer Duane Peters Helmet 
Lester Kasai // S-One Premium Helmet
Josh Nelson // S-One Premium Helmet
Dave Reul // S-One Premium Helmet
Steve Steadham // S-One Premium Helmet

click here to see who else is skating in the masters... grosso, cab, tony hawk etc..

S-One Helmet Co.
Trusted By The Pros

here is some Masters Footy from 2010...