Wednesday, May 9, 2012

S-One Helmet Crash Replacement Policy

The S-One Lifer Helmet is a multiple impact helmet but if you take a really hard 
slam and crack the inner foam or the outer shell you need to replace the helmet. 
As a courtesy to our loyal S-One customers you can get a replacement helmet 
for only $20 (includes shipping).  So if you take a hard slam and have broken
or cracked your helmet you can send us your helmet + proof of purchase + a note + $20
and we will send you a brand new helmet.

Example of the S-One Helmet Replacement Policy:

Rob from Oregon bought his helmet last week so he only had it a few days before he got hit by a Jeep! 
He sent his helmet + a note + his shades (optional) + a check for $20.

Hey Rob - your fresh new Lifer Helmet will be shipped today and you will see it tomorrow. 
Thanks for rockin S-One Helmets.