Saturday, June 2, 2012

Allysha Bergado / S-One Kid Helmet

Allysha Bergado / Grom Page in the new issue of Bl!ss Magazine

The S-One Kid Helmet is a great helmet for Boys 12 and under. And Teenage girls (like Allysha)
fit into this helmet nicely also. The S-One Kid Helmet is a smaller helmet
so its fits skaters with smaller heads. The Kid Helmet fits surprisingly low on the head
for a CPSC Certified helmet.

Great Fit + Low Fit + CPSC Certification = S-One Kid Helmet

Easily one of the best fitting and safest helmets on the market for younger skateboarders.

Choose your skate helmet according to your head size:

S-One Kid Helmet

18.5" - 20.5"

S-One Lifer Helmet
21" - 23.5"

S-One Big Head Helmet
23" - 24.25"

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