Friday, June 15, 2012

S-One Helmet Co. | Summer 2012

S-One Helmet Co. | Summer 2012

CPSC Certified Helmets
S-One Kid Helmet
Size Range: 18.5" - 20.5"
Hype: This is a great helmet for your little ripper. It fits nice and low 
the dome and it is fully certified for skate, bmx and roller derby. (CPSC Age 5+)

S-One Lifer Helmet
Size Range: 21"- 23.5"
Hype: Pretty much the best fitting multiple impact CPSC Certifed helmet out there.
Old vert pros, up-and-coming bowl riders and top pros agree that this helmet
fits great and offer maximum protection. (CPSC, ASTM F1492, CE EN 1078)

S-One Big Head Helmet
Size Range: 23" - 24.25"
Hype: Fully certified for skate and bike and it will fit your rounder or larger dome.

Non-Certified Helmets
S-One Premium Helmet
Size Range: 20" - 24"
Hype: It has the soft terry liner and is popular with folks who don't want to wear a 
CPSC Certified helmet because they don't feel they need alot of protection.

S-One Cromag Helmet
Size Range: 24" - 25.5"
Hype: It has the soft foam interior and is popular with skaters with big domes that
don't want to wear a CPSC Certified helmet.

Note from S-One Helmet Co.
S-One highly recommends that all riders (skate, bmx, roller derby) wear a CPSC Certified helmet. 
The S-One CPSC Certified helmets fit lower on the dome than our competitors and are up to 5x more protective than the non-certified helmets. If you are going to wear a helmet you should wear one that will protect you the best ie: a CPSC Certified Helmet!