Thursday, July 12, 2012

S-One : A Sit Down with Pete Eubank

We have had so many unique and talented skateboarders visit S-One over the last 12 years. A few characters that come to mind are Lester Kasai, Clyde Singleton, Karl Watson, Quim Cardona, Peter Smolik, Salman Agah, Mike V, Jim Gray, Eric Dressen, Paulo Diaz, Furby, Josh Nelson, Marty Murawski, Don Nguyen, Aaron Snyder, Curren Caples, Nolan Johnson, Asher Bradshaw, Max DuFour, Allysha Bergado, Sergie Ventura, Louie Pilloni, Steve Steadham and Billy Rohan just to name a few. I don't why we didn't start this sooner but we are starting now. All visitors will partake in a Sit Down. Let the archives begin. For our first Sit Down we start with Mr. Peter Eubank.