Monday, November 26, 2012

Micke Albe | S-One Lifer Helmet

Micke called last week and told me his son,Wheeler,
had gotten knocked out in a soft foam helmet
and he heard good things about the S-One Lifer Helmet .
We both agreed that the kids today are pushing skating to the next 
level and they need more head protection than the soft foam "non-certified" 
helmets can offer. So I sent him and his son a few helmets. 
He is diggin them. "The Lifer Helmet fits great and it is CPSC Certified."
Super proud to see Malba wearing an S-One Lifer Helmet.
Thanks Micke! 
Malba. ripping since waaay before you were born.
check out Micke Alba's old photos, boards and ads
on the website.
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