Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Best Skate Helmet for Girls

The S-One Kid Helmet fits girl's heads great AND it is fully certified (CPSC and ASTM).

2 of the best girl pro skaters in the world wear the S-One Kid Helmet.

Julz Lynn wears the S-One Kid Helmet. Julz says it fits her
perfect and she likes the fact that is certified to protect her melon.
She has been knocked wearing non-certified helmets.
She is all about wearing a CPSC certified helmet now.
Allysha Bergado wears the S-One Kid Helmet. An old pro
skater, Tony Magnusson, advised Allysha to wear
a CPSC certified helmet and she listened.
Tony Mag had a severe head injury while wearing a
non-certified helmet and has been an advocate
of wearing a hard foam CPSC certified helmet ever since.
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