Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Brief History of the S-One Logo ... and now S1 Helmets Logo

A Dad told me that he always sees the hammer logos on the helmets at the skatepark but never knew what brand of helmet they were. So I figured I would post a little history about the S-One logos over the years. So if a kid sees the helmets he can google hammer logo and discover the best skateboard helmets on the market. And the history of the logo. 

This is the original S-One logo used for S-One Helmets from 1999 - 2002

From 2002 - 2007 we started incorporating more
spray paint and punk rock art direction.

In mid 2007 we introduced the double hammers or the hammers.
The hammers are the s-one symbol of protection.
S-One needed an icon. A symbol. And we came up with the hammers.
S-One. The Symbol of Protection.

S-One written out with the hammers incorporated into the logo.

S-One Helmet Co. / Skate Helmet Overview / featuring the
the "crossed hammer logo" or the "double hammer logo"
actually we call it the S-One Hammer Logo.

IN 2012 we switched things up and threw an "S1" up on the S1 Lifer Helmet.
Sales grew big time. The hammers were just a little too mysto for people.
Shortly after we released the "s1" up front sell through was much better.
And in 2013 we created instead of
And things have been poppin' and not droppin'. Can you say rebrand!

Keep it simple and direct. The S1 Lifer Logo is punk rock and basically says.. "S1".
S1 Helmet sales are hitting new heights in 2014. The "hammer" logo was just a bit
too underground and icon driven.