Sunday, January 27, 2013

True Story: The S-One Lifer Helmet Saves A Life

"The S-One Lifer Helmet
saved my life" - Andrew Ngo

Andrew Ngo
Age: 19 years old
Where do you live? San Diego

When did you start skating?
I have been skating for two years before the crash, downhill skating/freeriding for one year. 

What is your set up (board, wheels etc):
My setup that day was a Longboard Larry Sea Calf, Randal 180s w/ 42 degree baseplates, Abec 11 Zig Zags 70mm 80a. 

Lets hear your slam story.
I was skating a local hill and ended up crashing into a truck on one of the turns. Actually have no memory of the actual crash itself. All I remember was pushing up that hill and then just darkness after that. I was skating with some friends so they were the ones that called 911 and I was airlifted to the ER. I woke up with the worst sores in my life. I could barely lift my head up, let alone my body. It took me a second to realize I am not in my bed and that something bad happened. Apparently I went into a left hairpin corner too fast and rammed into a truck.

The doctor told me, "It's a good thing you were wearing your helmet, otherwise, you wouldn't be here." I have always been lectured from my parents and friends on the importance of wearing a helmet for any sport (biking, skating, etc). It is just crazy to know that if I didn't strap on that helmet, I wouldn't be talking to you guys right now.

What kind of S-One Helmet were you wearing?
 It was an S-One Lifer Helmet grey matte (It was awhile since I bought it). I am not sure on the sizing names but it was definitely XL size. I remember spending an hour cutting the letters of an Orangatang Decal (Wheel Company) so it would be perfectly flush on the side of the helmet.

Do you have any photos from the crash?

I don't have any photos from the crash or the helmet. The EMT cut through everything I was wearing and just threw it out (Helmet,Kneepads, shirt and even my pants). My board was trashed and also thrown out. My little brother took a photo of me in the ER on his itouch, but somehow it got deleted. I was hooked up to a bunch of wires, IVs in my fore arms, and a tube in my mouth. The only photo I have is of my arm band and some dry blood from the crash.

Any other thoughts?

When I first started skating, I thought I was too cool to wear a helmet. I’m glad smartened up and strapped one on! Words can’t really describe how thankful I am to still be alive.

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