Thursday, February 7, 2013

S-One Helmet Catalog / Spring 2013

Curren Caples - when i wear a helmet I wear S-One. :)
Gotta throw Curren on the cover because he rips and
all the kids are amped on him. Curren has been rockin S-One Helmets
since he was 7
S-One Skateboard Team. Making great helmets since 1999.

S-One Skate Helmet Overview
the best CPSC Certified helmet for Kids. This helmet fits nice
and low on the head. Kids love em. They fit great.
the best CPSC Certified skate helmet on the market. the lifer helmet
is awesome. fits your head like a glove :)
a CPSC certified helmet for people with larger heads.
A minimal impact helmet. Not the most protective
but alot of skaters still choose the Premium.
It is better than not wearing a helmet.
a soft foam helmet for peeps with super huge Jim Gray!
Duane Peters Helmet available in CPSC Certified and Non-Certified Helmets
a collab with Gonz. the krooked helmet.
S-One Helmet Co.
Skate Sales Manager: Dan McCashin
Tel: 310-464-8179